Thursday, October 23, 2008

fragments of thought remembered as something profound
false progress lost in repetition

dried senses of overexposure
frank subject caught in current
seldom acknowledged and under-looked

conscious blue
useless to societies schematic
gold to perception


jonathan.lane said...

sometimes vague can be confused for profound,
because it never elicits itself clearly,
and therefore eludes comprehension.

are you making good progress with that fauxmo page?

and i'm mostly certain my art would be better if i still had your critical eye in my company.

jSchlock said...

The fauxmo page is in the works.

It is about 50% of what I want it to be.

Oh, and looking at that drawing on your blog reminded me that we were going to do something with pirates. What happened?

jonathan.lane said...

gimp side-story happened.

if you check the blag, i've reset the clive and rad dooger scenario.

of course if you want to start a new thread, i'm open to suggestions.

Al Prudic-Dennis said...

thought provoking. I would like to read more of this, to get a sense of where you are in my gaping hole of an ass. My leaky, leathery butt hole...